Susan Henry | Episode 146

Born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon, Susan Henry headed for the Bay Area right after high school, picking up music gigs in clubs and hotel lounges and even going on the road alone doing solo gigs in places like Esconaba, Michigan.

Eventually, Susan tired of playing alone and craved the company and camaraderie of playing with other musicians. She joined a band and began taking work as a musician on cruise ships. Her favorite port? Venice, Italy.

During free time on the cruise ships, Susan started making jewelry for herself to wear on stage. When women in the audience approached her to inquire about where she got that jewelry, she realized she was onto something. To this day, she still creates commissioned pieces for some of those women.

After meeting her husband, Jesse - also a musician - they headed down to Lukeville, AZ - near the Mexico border - living in their road bus and recording their first record. Susan says of her first desert encounter, "What I definitely noticed was the serene, silence – which was scary and comforting."

With their home in the lower desert feeling uncomfortable, Susan and her husband chose Joshua Tree to build their home, as they found the land reasonably priced and purchased a 'kit' home. They lived in their road bus for two years while they completed the house.

In this episode,we also talk about the how different downtown Joshua Tree was when Susan arrived 16 years ago.

In addition to making jewelry, Susan also makes sculptures from kiln fired glass, rebar, recycled wine/beer bottles under her business, Earthloving Art. All of Susan's creations are available at her downtown Joshua Tree shop, Zannedelions Boutique and Gallery.

Susan's Glass Scuptures - Earthloving Art

Zannedelions Boutique - downtown Joshua Tree

LeJazzane - Susan's Current Band