Jillian Sauter | Episode 155

Jillian has lived in the desert since 1992. Her experiences have included family trips for hiking, camping and off-roading. With little development in the desert at that time, it was easy to see big horn sheep, desert foxes and a plethora of bird species – Jillian’s continued love for the desert sprung from these experiences in nature.

A self-described ‘outdoor kid’, Jillian shares remedies to the oft repeated refrain of ‘there’s nothing for kids to do in the desert’. She believes going to nature for activities instead of staying indoors opens kids up to new experiences and instills in them a greater appreciation of nature.

Jillian shares her recollections of life in the Morongo Basin from the early 90’s, including unpaved roads, minimal stop lights and a lot less people.

With the influx of tourists and visitors, Jillian and her family have witnessed an increase in trash in the park and illegal dumping. In this episode, Jillian shares the reasons she believes the illegal dumping has become such an issue and what individuals can do to prevent it. She also explains the use of ‘dump cards’ and why that cheap dump run isn’t always the best option.

She also shares some of the work Desert Cleanse Project does and invites individuals and groups to come out to a clean-up when they start happening again.

When Jillian isn’t out enjoying nature or helping to beautify the desert, she is a mental health professional in Joshua Tree.

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