DLD| Supinda Sirihekaphong |Ep 137

With turtle as her spirit animal, Supinda Sirihekaphong says wherever she is, is home.

She was in awe of the colors and the sky on her first trip to the desert.

Born in southern California and raised in New York City, Supinda has also lived in Thailand, Philadelphia and studied abroad in Australia. Supinda says living in all these different places has helped her learn to appreciate wherever she is, allowing her to put down roots and call where ever she is home.

While living in the Bay area, Supinda worked in the sphere of higher education. A change in the leadership of that institution, left Supinda without a job after 10 years. Supinda interviewed at many other institutes of higher education. Interviewing without new offers coming her way, Supinda began to think perhaps her time in the academic world was over. She thought about what other paths might be interesting to her, eventually giving it up to the universe to bring her a sign. The next morning she awoke from a dream in which she was supporting someone in labor. She called friends – those trying to get pregnant and those not trying, and none of them were.

Supinda took this as the sign she requested.

While continuing to interview for roles in higher education, Supinda completed a doula training program. While in the program, Supinda was getting opportunities to support doula clients. When all three of her clients went into labor on the same weekend, Supinda was able to support each of them.

Looking for a yoga class over the last Thanksgiving holiday, Supinda walked in to a local studio, Instant Karma. The studio owner happened to be there that day and Supinda introduced herself as a registered yoga teacher, who could perhaps fill in for the studio's regular teachers during the upcoming holiday. Supinda was invited to do a yoga demo and was brought on board to teach. When the studio was forced to close for Covid, Supinda was able to assist the studio in putting classes online without skipping a beat.

In this episode, Supinda says even while serving as a doula and yoga instructor, it's important to her to be involved the community. Which is why running for a Trustee position with the local community college appealed to her. Supinda believes her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Social Justice is particularly useful in this role at this time.

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