Cindy Daigneault | Ep 145

Born and raised in Minnesota, Cindy Daigneault says a high school radio station job shadowing experience inspired her to seek out a career the radio business.

After high school, Cindy attended the Brown Institute of Broadcasting, one of few women entering the industry at that time. She was immediately hired from the Institute by the owner of a new radio station in Wisconsin.

One particularly bitter winter, Cindy decided she'd had enough cold and snow and contacted a radio consultant to help her find work in a warmer climate and was offered work at a station near Ventura, CA. Cindy packed her new Monte Carlo and her Siamese cat and headed west. Not long after arriving, Cindy met her husband, who also in radio and they were married a short time later.

An offer to lead and create sales team at a radio station in Joshua Tree came Cindy's way and she and her husband decided to check it out. As they drove up the Yucca grade, Cindy remembers looking around at the landscape thinking, "What is this place?"

Ultimately, Cindy and her husband were both offered jobs at the Joshua Tree station and they accepted. At that time, Cindy says the monument wasn’t as big a deal as it is today Making friends and finding their way into the community wasn't difficult - it was keeping friends, who were from military families, that was rough - particularly on her kids.

In this episode, Cindy shares the series of circumstances that led to she and her husband applying for a license for what is now Community Radio Z107.7, KCDZ in Joshua Tree.

Cindy also has an interest in cruising and travel. She became the owner of a travel business in early 2020, but has been taking groups of travelers to Paris, Barcelona, the Caribbean and many other destinations for years. On those trips, Cindy would flex her photography muscles. Her office is filled with photos from her travels and she has exhibited her work in galleries in the desert and in Los Angeles.

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