Artemis J. Rose | Ep 136

Artemis first experienced the desert as a five year old visiting her godparents home in the desert. And again, a few years later on a visit to see her stepbrother in Nevada. Artemis remembers staring out the car window, admiring the stars and the quiet open spaciousness.

Artemis is a licensed marriage and family therapist, pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology, specializing in trauma informed care education. She is also a women’s empowerment coach, yoga teacher, writer and poet.

About three years ago, Artemis lost her career, her relationship and was homeless. In flight mode, she was hopping from place to place before landing at her godparents home in the desert.

What began as a week and a half ‘visit’, turned into a couple of years when Artemis finally faced herself. She discovered she had unresolved trauma and had developed an eating disorder.

Compelled to stop in at a desert church, divine intervention took over setting Artemis on a two-year journey, stripping away her masks and rebuilding a solid foundation for herself.

In those two years Artemis spent a lot of time in the desert alone. She stepped into her gift of spoken word, writing, performing and hosting a radio show. While getting back on her feet, there was a lot of grieving, before eventually moving into her own place.

Artemis was hired by a private therapy practice and obtained her non-profit management certification.

In this episode, Artemis describes the desert as a safe place where she was able to surrender, heal and step into who she is – which included coming out into her queerness.

She is particularly passionate about ensuring disenfranchised, low-income folks have access to quality mental health care. To that end, Artemis joined he the ‘It’s Your Time Program’ sponsored by the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center. The program helps female entrepreneurs lay the groundwork to start their businesses off on the right foot.

Artemis recently left the desert and returned to Sacramento. Being closer to the state capital will allow her to be more involved in the policy work necessary to make real social change.

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