Cynthia Marie | Ep 120

Born in New Jersey and raised in New York's Hudson Valley, Cynthia Marie loves to drive cross-country - she's done it six times. On one of those trips, she found herself nearly out of gas and calling Roy's in Amboy, CA, asking them to keep the pumps open for just a bit longer so she could gas up and make it to Joshua Tree for the night. As is the desert way, the obliged.

Still working in graphic design, Cynthia went to art school to study Printmaking. The school required their sophomores to take one class that felt out of their comfort zone - Cynthia chose metal fab(rication) sculpture and fell in love. Cynthia has worked in both the artistic and production sides of welding. Starting making furniture and then moved over to the production side which found her working on huge entertainment sets in Hollywood and Las Vegas and even to Rio de Janeiro building the NBC stage for the Olympics. In the episode she talks about the challenges of working out of the country, which included some difficulties getting clean laundry.

Once in the desert, Cynthia quickly found herself meeting local folks through volunteering with the Desert Institute, where she continues learning and experiencing the desert up close and personal.

Photo credit: @hidesertshredder