Patti Brown | Ep 111

Patti Brown wisited Yucca Valley for the first time in 1989 to meet, who would become her future mother-in-law and real estate mentor.

That first trip Patti felt like she might be going on adventure that she wouldn’t be coming back from and her first impressions of the desert were that it was barren and somewhat far removed from what she considered her ‘normal necessities of life.’ It was very different from the lush green she'd grown up around in Northern California.

After a number of visits to Yucca Valley, Patti began to feel the peace and serenity that came with each desert visit. Driving in the snow, down the Morongo grade, heading home after a Christmas visit, the conversation turned to, ‘why wouldn’t we just stay here?" Before they knew it, Patti and her now husband, had a cabin in Flaming Heights and were moving to make the desert their home.

Patti admits it took her a few years to really fall in love with the place. Having to travel down the hill an hour and 15 minutes each way, each day to go to a job using her retail expertise, she didn’t have much time to get involved in the community and make connections with her neighbors. But, once she left retail and started working in real estate, those relationships started to form very quickly.

Patti's interest in retail came from her dad who had worked for Nordstrom before starting his own business. Patty followed in those footsteps working for department stores; she likes retail and working with people.

When Patti arrived to the desert, the only non-Mom & Pop store at that time was old K-mart. And after driving down the hill working retail hours, Patti found her self wanting to be closer to home and her kids, so she started helping her mother-in-law - the realtor - eventually leading Patti to become a licensed realtor herself, before moving into escrow and eventually her own hard money business, launching 'The Loan Lady' in 1996. In this episode, Patty explains a ‘hard money’ loan is, who may need it and how that money is used.

Once Patti was able to work here in the hi-desert, she came very involved in the community. She is a committed Rotarian, involved in many business networking groups and is currently the Board Chair of the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce.

We also talk about the changing landscape of the real estate market in the Morongo Basin and the types of jobs and income currently in the area and what may be necessary to sustain the growth. Patti also gives some advice on how to prepare to make a home purchase here.