Patty Domay | Ep 109

Patty Domany exemplifies the term 'entrepreneurial spirit'.

Patty was introduced to the desert by her Los Angeles neighbors, who had land in Landers. After spending a number of weekends with them and driving the desert roads to find a place of her own, Patty had a brief conversation with a 'Landroid' over coffee one day at 'Johns', now known as La Copine, who was a 'caretaker' for a local cabin whose owner had passed. Patty reached out to the owner's son and, after a bit of negotiation, got a 10-day escrow and closed on her little piece of desert heaven.

Coming out every weekend from Los Angeles since 1990, Patty retired in 2015, making the cabin her permanent home.

A fairly new member of the Moose Lodge in Landers, Patty has covered a lot of ground in her life. She married at 17 and was mom of two by 21 and divorced 18 years later.

She’s taught macramé, raced motorcycles, cooked on yachts in the Carribean, hitchhiked across Europe after a free plane ride and went to UCLA at night to educate herself for a job as an export manager for a car parts company.

Patty definitely has the entrepreneurial spirit, selling macramé kits, owning a Mexican take out and a high-end breakfast catering company. The only think that may have slowed her down a bit was beating breast cancer in 2000.

In this episode, Patty shares at nearly 80 years old, she recently purchased a chain saw - to cut the wood you see her pictured with above - and after a high-cholesterol warning from her doctor, continues to working on her vegetarian diet, which has reduced her cholesterol exponentially, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Patty loves all the desert creatures around her home and has a contingent of bunnies who come for breakfast daily.