Kim Fuelleman | Ep 99

Kim Fuelleman's first experience with the desert were as a Girl Scout, visiting Joshua Tree National Park to camp and hike. Kim and her friends would find the biggest rock formation they could – and climb it.

After 20 years in a 400 square foot Hollywood apartment, Kim was ready for a change. She was feeling like it was time to get back into nature and heal from some things she’d experienced in her life. After looking for and bidding on a place in Joshua Tree, only to be outbid, a friend suggested she take a look in Landers - where she found her home.

Kim's first few months here were not without some desert challenges. In this episode, Kim talks about moving to her home in early June and having the swamp cooler go on the fritz – causing her to be sequestered to her bedroom with only a small window air conditioner for relief. Then roots were entering the plumbing. But that wasn’t the end… when she heard something that sounded like explosions, she texted a friend and found she was hearing the military exercises conducted at the Marine base in 29 Palms.

In Hollywood Kim was a professional musician, playing bass and on vocals for 'The Distillers' and other bands, including 'Punk is Dead', a band that performed Grateful Dead songs punk style. When not working professionally, Kim did what most folks do in Los Angeles to pay the rent – restaurant work, bartending, security, pet-sitting and more.

Now, here with the silence and expansiveness of the desert, Kim has found herself inspired to begin writing poetry and talking with a friend about creating some healing type music.