Christine Anthony | Ep 98

Christine Anthony’s first experience with the desert was on a commercial shoot at the Glamis sand dunes in southern California. She’d picked up this commercial production job after arriving in LA on a greyhound bus from Cleveland, OH with $7 in her pocket, having followed her rock-n-roll boyfriend to the West Coast.

The romance fizzled and Christine found her self reaching out to a few folks she knew in LA, also from Cleveland, one of whom became a roommate.

Deciding to remain in LA, Christine navigated her way through a few jobs, producing television commercials, then moved to the agency side of the business for many years.

About 18 months ago, while on a regular visit to Vegas, with the Mojave to the southwest and the Sonoran desert to the southeast, Christine decided to take a look at some real estate and a few weeks later, seeing a mid-century modern house come up in a search, immediately placed a bid on it, site unseen, and bought it.

In this episode, we talk a bit about her neighborhood in Las Vegas, the background of the neighbors and how they interact, as well as the designers of these mid-century modern homes in her Paradise Palms neighborhood.

We also talk about the differences between Las Vegas and Los Angeles as far as friendliness, competition and economics and some common misconceptions people have about Las Vegas.

Christine also offers up some interesting places to visit off the strip and expands on the feeling of safety the city keeps at the forefront of it’s operations.