Brenda Littleton | Ep 96

Brenda first visited the desert as a young girl on family camping trips and those visits continued into her teen years as a destination for soul-searching and wandering the space.

Needing a change, Brenda made the move to the desert with her horses. Upon arriving, she found she had many friends here and immediately found her way into the community. Brenda loves the diversity of the weather, the beauty of the landscape and talks about the differences of living in Idyllwild and the desert, particularly the inconveniences of being locked in - or out - for events like fires or snow.

At her sanctuary on the mesa, Brenda grows plants, from which she creates various essences and has created spaces to work on her art, as well as a space for her clients to do their healing work.

In this episode, Brenda shares her experiences of living a corporate life with an environmental company in Japan, which segued into a job in entertainment.

After leaving these jobs and living in Idyllwild, CA, Brenda decided to go back to school to complete her undergrad and Masters. Part of her Masters included writing a book on post modern and quantum science for which she won an award, which required that she teach. Never having taught before, she suddenly found herself in the lecture hall and discovered it to be extremely satisfying. Twelve years later, she returned to school to work toward a counseling degree.

Now Brenda is creating her own classes and has begun offering them to the local community and talks about her research into the differences between PTSD and Complex Trauma.

In the last part of our conversation, Brenda describes where her interest in herbalism comes from and how she uses it for self-care and, in one case, for the care of her beloved horse.