Kim Martin | Ep 93

Growing up, family summer vacations in a rented Winnebago meant traveling to the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico among others. In this episode, Kim talks about playing games with her siblings on the drives and running around in the open space.

'Wanderlust' is a word she uses to describe her family, "We were always going somewhere."

Her love of photography grew from taking trips to all the places Huell Howser featured on his California's Gold television show.

Though coming to live in the desert was a dream come true, Kim experienced anxiety about work and money early on, which at times was so strong, she could barely breathe. In the process, she applied for a house - and got it - and then applied for a job - and got it. One might think the desert was welcoming Kim with a little bit of a test, as only the desert can.

In her role as a Professor in the Child Development program at Copper Mountain College, she works to prepare students for careers in child care and says the program is also a great foundation for elementary school teachers and classes also benefit parents looking for a better understanding of their children or themselves. If you're interested, Kim can talk with you about the program: 760-366-3791 x0452.

Since Kim moved to the desert knowing no one, she began following photographers or other creatives whose work she came to like on social media. She also started attending open mic poetry readings hosted by Space Cowboy Books and Cholla Needles in Joshua Tree, which lead her to writing a sci-fi piece, read on a recent episode of 'Simultaneous Times' podcast. You can hear Kim's story in Episode 14 here.

Discovering the book, 'A Wrinkle in Time', was what drew Kim in to the world of sci-fi. Though when she tried to watch Star Trek with her dad and grandpa, she was told, "this is what the grown ups or guys watch", which, of course, made it even more intriguing. She admires and is inspired by the work of African-American sci-fi writer Octavia Butler, as well as Poet Laureate outgoing, Tracy K. Smith.

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