Meilani MacDonald | Ep 91

Sixty miles into her trip moving from Florida to Los Angeles, the car radiator sprung a leak. Meilani MacDonald and a friend pressed on to Los Angeles, with a jug of water in the trunk to keep the radiator full. Once they got to the desert, they took to driving at night where the cooler air was kinder to the vehicle. This was Meilani's first experience with desert.

Meilani's first brush with Joshua Tree was weekend camping trips to the national park to escape LA's urban environs. Though she doesn’t get into the park much these days, the feeling and natural beauty of this place, here in the hi-desert, is enough to keep her grateful to be living in this paradise.

After many years in LA, Meilani left LA for more wide-open spaces, landing in Desert Hot Springs - partially because those weekend camping trips she'd taken to Joshua Tree often ended with a run through one of the may hot spring spas in DHS. And who wouldn't want to live in a 'spa' town? After a difficult relationship break-up, a search for cooler temperatures and for reasons of economy, Meilani came to the hi-desert and found a home.

In this episode, Meilani tells us she only knew one or two folks in the area when she moved. However, since joining a business referral group (, she has met more local folks in a professional capacity. Then we get into the personal side of making friends and difficulty dating. We touch on the spiritual awakening that can occur if one is open and allows themselves to be immersed in the silence and space of the desert.

In addition to her Virtual Assistant business where Meilani offers services of writing, editing and graphic design, Meliani has recently discovered a calling to lead Creative Intention Setting sessions, and read tarot. She'll be adding to her repertoire of services after working through her processes and work space logistics. Look for them on her website soon.

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