Kajiel Sullivan | Ep 90

Pulling up to their new desert home in the dark, Kajiel Sullivan and her husband were greeted by a coyote. Now living on base, Kajiel misses the privacy and quiet of the desert and sadly feels less a part of the 29 Palms community which she'd grown to enjoy.

In the meantime, she also a busy full-time mom to her and Reginald's daughters, Rosie (4), Millie (2) and baby Rain who enjoy time in the park near their new home on base. Kajiel hopes to take a ride with them through Joshua Tree National Park sometime soon. 29 Palms is the Sullivan family's first military move. Previously, Reginald was a member of the Reserves in Nashville, now he is a member of the Navy. In this episode, Kajiel talks about making the adjustments from civilian to military life.

Kajiel was born and raised in Milwaukee and besides being a huge Green Bay Packer fan, has fond memories of the Juneteeth celebrations held there. Upon learning how many folks here were not familiar with Juneteenth, Kajiel felt strongly that this was not only an opportunity to create and celebration she was missing, but also an opportunity to educate more people about the Emancipation Proclamation reaching Galveston, Texas and why it is not only an important part of African-American history, but of American history as well.

Working with a small committee, doing much of the fundraising and permit paperwork legwork herself for the first time, Kajiel is looking forward to having everyone at the first 29 Palms Juneteeth Celebration in Luckie Park on Saturday, June 15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be food, music, games and some local high school students will be participating for prizes in a Juneteenth Essay contest.

If you're interested in donating to or attending the 2019 Juneteeth celebration, click on the links below to the Facebook pages for fundraising and the event. Say hello to Kajiel when you're there. Though she knows they will leave the desert next year, Kajiel feels she has found a home and community she loves here and senses she will return to the desert someday.

Photo: Lady Guidry Photography

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