Mary Bell Cassle | Ep 84

At the age of eight, Mary Bell Cassle's father handed her a carburetor and it's schematic and said, "Put this back together." And she did. Now Mary finds herself in her second semester of the Automotive program at Copper Mountain College, with the goal of adding to the female ranks of the automotive industry.

Mary was twelve when her mother passed away and her life didn't stabilize until a few years later when she was adopted by last week's guest Annelise Kuiper.

At the age of 18, Mary graduated high school and immediately joined the Army, but was discharged nine months later having sustained a knee injury during basic training. After months of therapy, the Army deemed Mary's injury a pre-existing condition, eliminating her eligibility for continued benefits.

Mary was looking for work and met someone who was a truck driver - driving a truck sounded like great work. The relationship eventually became romantic and within five years, Mary found herself a mother to four children and in an emotionally and physically abusive situation. In this episode, Mary courageously shares her struggle through this period in her life sharing that after 16 years she finally got back to the desert to heal.

Living in the desert with an amazing night sky, astronomy plays a big part in Mary's life. She collaborates with her adoptive mother, Annelies, on a weekly neighborhood column in the local newspaper. Mary's portion of the column directs our attention to the upcoming happenings in the night and early morning skies over our desert and says, "The way I look at it is, as big as the Universe is, there's got to be somebody out there besides us and I want be the first one to find them or see them or talk to them at least."

We also talk about meditation and the benefits of quieting down to listen to our own thoughts, coming full circle to the notion of treating ourselves with the same concern, caring and compassion we have for others.