Karin Skiba - Episode 73

Karin has been an artist her whole life, from drawing as a child to, more recently, creating an eight foot tall work combing aspens and redwoods with a women with a fractured face. Her solo show opens at Joshua Tree Art Gallery (JTAG) on February 9, 2019. She's been creating art for 44 years.

In this episode Karin talks about living in Detroit and Canada and moving to California in the 1970's. Her art career started with drawings of fashion, which continues to inform some of her work.

Karin worked as an art instructor at Riverside City College and at Norco (CA) for twenty years and at some points got involved in the nitty-gritty of administration and the politics of academia, which didn't leave much room for her to do her own work.

Her initial impressions of the desert were not flattering and left her wondering who would want to live here. Later, a trip to the national park with her beau Robert, proved to be a game-changer, "there was just this feeling that this was an important place for me to be" Karin says.

Karin and her husband, Robert, a musician, collaborated on a performance piece in 2003 call 'Scrubscapes' - sort of an ode to the desert - combining Karin's art pieces, some video installations with music and spoken word. Karin admits it was a bit of a stretch for her. While lecturing on art history to a room of students came easy, live performance, especially singing, was a different story. The collaboration yielded four successful performances.

Her upcoming exhibition was inspired in part by "The Overstory" a book of interlocking stories, centered on trees, by Richard Powers.

With a studio in Joshua Tree, Karin has 'office hours' for herself and her art, but stays creative at home in Yucca Valley making jewelry in her spare time.