Amritakripa Watts-Robb | Ep 72

Amritakripa was introduced to the desert by her partner, Robbie and was immediately taken with the place on her first trip, feeling like she’d landed on a new planet.

Subsequent trips brought thoughts of buying property as an investment and after nearly a year of weekend trips looking at properties, they came to a decision to just leave Malibu and reside in the desert. As with most stories of desert moves, there were no impediments and the move was both rapid and smooth.

Kripa believes the veil between the visible and invisible and much thinner here. The landscape, the space, the quiet allows one to easily slip between the two, if one so chooses, to tap into the creative, artistic and the spiritual.

In this episode, Kripa offers her own creative journey into painting as an example. Having never painted in her life and doubting her abilities, she picked up a brush after serendipitous nudges from the universe and a dear friend. She’s been painting ever since, always starting with a color, channeling the final product through faith and trust. Her work is beautiful - check it out at the link below.

A student of Bhakti yoga, Amritakripa’s band, also called Amritakripa, creates beautiful music combining kirtan chants and trance-like melodies, bringing people to their feet to dance and chant, creating a vortex of love energy where ever they play.

Photo: Elise Kost

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