Danielle Wall | Ep 68

A San Francisco Bay area native, Danielle Wall's introduction to the desert came at a young age with visits to her Grandpa's house in Yucca Valley. Fast forward to 2015, with a week to go on her lease in San Fran, she called her Grandpa and said she was moving to Yucca Valley in a week. Danielle didn't know anyone but her Grandpa when she moved here, but spent a year working for herself, catching odd jobs like pet-sitting or secretarial work, which helped her get the lay of the land and it's people. Danielle is now a General Manager at Rimrock Ranch, where the Joshua Trees meet the pines in Pioneertown.

Thought she did have snakes as pets, Danielle didn't start out being a snake lover, having been an entomology major in college. She's since trained in snake handling and biology - dissecting them and working with live, but venom-less, rattlesnakes. Danielle says, "It's a thrill and it's cool to be around such a powerful creature." That thrill has turned into a free catch and release service Danielle offers in the Mojave with any donations she receives going to Animal Authority Rescue Team.

In this episode, Danielle gives some tips on how to live in harmony with snakes and what you can do to keep them at a safe distance from your desert home. She also advises on what to do if you have a snake on your property and she can't get to you immediately, the consequences of trying to handle snakes yourself and what NOT to do if you get a snake bite.

When she's not managing at the ranch or on a snake call, Danielle is a lingerie model. An admitted band nerd, Danielle says it's the last thing she ever expected to be doing. After gifting a boudoir photo of herself to her then husband, she started getting inquiries to come and model and it's just taken off from there. We also talk about the appeal of the tattooing process and how much work has gone into the Mojave Green tattoo around her neck.

If you need reptile relocation, contact Danielle here: