On Location | Ep 64

This episode is a little different than what you've heard so far. Typically, I sit down and have a casual one on one conversation for the entire 30 minutes. In this episode, I've had similar, shorter conversations with eleven desert women, asking them, in most cases, the same five or so questions. As you listen to the episode, you'll get the gist of the questions.

How did this happen? Well, I sometimes bring the podcast to community events. I set up a table, have some handouts and introduce the podcast to people who may not have heard of it. Some folks have never heard of podcasts in general, while some know many of the people I've interviewed. Recently, I got the idea of not only setting up a table with information about the podcast, but of taking my recording equipment with me and doing 'woman on the street-style' interviews. It turned out to be really fun.

The first four interviews in this episode were recorded at the Covington Park Fall Festival in Morongo Valley, on the further west end of the Morongo Basin. The remaining seven were recorded at the Landers Bizarre Bazaar.

Most of the ladies, if not all, were not born here - they moved to the area for various reasons: jobs, creative work, housing affordability, a climate conducive to better health or just looking for a place to quiet down to listen to their inner voice.

They give some recommendations about where they take out of town guests. The most popular places being Joshua Tree National Park, Pioneertown and Pappy & Harriet's, Landers and La Copine.

And when asked what their favorite thing about living in the desert is, their answers ranged from being peaceful, calming and grounding to the desert's amazing colors and wildlife, to the people and activities and... the sky. The pictures of sunset and sky above are my own and, if you ask me or anyone who lives here, they don't do it justice.

Special thanks to the willing participants: Donna Gowland, Kelly Moynihan, Mia Torres (stay tuned for her full episode in the coming weeks), Susan Abbott, Terry Burkhardt, Kim Fulleman, Jet Tucker, Debbie Solaris, Claudia Bucher, Claude Fenton and Diana.

If you enjoy this episode, tell me why and what you liked best.