Robin Maxwell | Episode 57

Robin and Max were on their way to falling in love when Max brought Robin to Joshua Tree National Park to show her this desert place he loved. A few years later, they found themselves looking at property in Pipes Canyon, bought 22 acres and have lived there ever since. They've co-created a private retreat center there, drawing soul-weary travelers from cities around the world.

When the Sawtooth Fire of 2006 swept through Pipes Canyon and Pioneertown, Robin & Max escaped their little piece of desert paradise through a wall of fire thinking their home was destroyed and they would have to rebuild. Robin credits a trough of water strategically dumped on their house from a fire-fighting helicopter for saving their home where they've lived for 20 years.

After moving to Pipes Canyon, the mountains, mesas, flora and fauna inspired Robin so much, she wrote two television series and 10 more novels. Most of her books are historical fiction with females at the center of the stories, like 'The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn'.

In this episode, Robin reads a small excerpt from her newest book, 'Atlantos - The Early Earthe Chronicles - Book 1' is the first in a trilogy of science fiction, a departure for Robin's writing, though she has had an interest in the 'beyond' since having a 'close encounter', at the age of two, in New Jersey.