Rohini Walker | Ep 56

In 2013, tired of London's frenetic pace, Rohini (say Roe-hee-knee) and her husband, Oliver, embarked on a long holiday to the U.S. and their first stop after landing in Los Angeles, was Joshua Tree. It was summer, so they lingered in Crossroads Cafe in downtown Joshua Tree - pretty much daily. After a week, they were hooked, but had planned to visit other U.S. locations. Even though they were seeing new sights, they couldn't stop talking about Joshua Tree. Which is why, at what was to be the end of the trip, they extended it for three more weeks - and spent all of their remaining time in Joshua Tree - and found a realtor. Going back to London was difficult and the skeptical reactions of their family and friends at the news of their decision was also, difficult, at best.

In this episode, Rohini says of the trip, "I was just craving a complete change up, but wasn't sure what it was" - the desert hooked them.

Once here permanently in 2014, Rohini found plenty of time to indulge in the writing she never got to in London and decided to create a magazine, of sorts, around it. The original effort was called The Raven. But that faded and birthed a free (locally in print) magazine, published twice a year, which not only contains contributions from Rohini, but guest writers, photographers and artists who are friends and neighbors here in the hi-desert - it's quite a community effort. Desert-centered stories of fact and fiction, poetry, drawings and photographs fill it's pages. It's called Luna Arcana and it's available online with a paid subscription. If you've visited and need a desert fix, it's well worth it.