Zara Kand | Ep 55

From an early age, Zara Kand knew she would have an unconventional career. Drawn to visual arts of all kinds it was a natural that she would become an artist. Zara is an oil painter and freelance artist of many mediums. If you are interested in pursuing visual art, Zara suggests studying the works of some of your favorite artists for inspiration and taking classes at local community college and just do the work - regardless of the opinions anyone may have about it. Her advice: believe in what your heart tells you and follow it.

Zara's first experience with the desert was on a camping trip date with her now husband, Jean-Paul. They were so moved by their early visits to Joshua Tree, they decided to come and make it their home. Zara found herself immersed in the artist community almost immediately and stumbled upon Sun Alley, where she and Jean-Paul now have a storefront, Space Cowboy Books, selling sci-fi, classics and the work of local literary artists. Space Cowboy hosts monthly community events and publishes local works of literature. Zara's work has also been featured in Desert Lady Lauren Henley's Apercus Literary Magazine.

When this episode was released, Zara had just opened 'Fever Dream', an art exhibition at Art Queen Gallery in Joshua Tree. Zara curated the exhibit which includes her own work, as well as the work of artists: Christiane Cegavske (stop motion) and Carol Cameron (assemblage). The exhibit runs Saturday, September 1 to October 28, 2018.

The photo featured is Zara's 'Self Portrait'.

Find more about Zara at her website: