Teresa Sitz | Episode 51

Growing up near Boise, Idaho, Teresa was familiar with the desert. So when a trip brought her out to the Mojave, it was like a homecoming.

With a long history of community organizing, it's no surprise Teresa became immersed in the community quickly, helping out at local Community Center events, joining the Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council, writing a column for the local newspaper and creating her own hyper-local paper with her husband Ken: The Wonder Valley Sand Paper, inspired by Harry Oliver's 'The Desert Rat Scrapbook' and the Scarfolk Council.

Teresa recently accepted the position of Coordinator at the Wonder Valley Community Center, where new programs include a discussion with local snake wrangler Bert Lies, a hike for fulgurites, American Sign Language classes and Artist of the Month exhibitions. Having graduated the the EMT Program at Copper Mountain College, Teresa is also equipped to assist members of her in emergency situations.

In this episode, Teresa talks about all of this, as well as her love of Google Maps, which lead to the discovery of some truly intriguing Wonder Valley history: the Full Bloom Love Volcanic Gardens of homesteader, Hazel I. Stiles.