Faith Chinnock | Episode 50

Faith Chinnock is a mom and a musician who has lived on both sides of the Morongo Basin. In this episode, Faith tells the story of her and, then boyfriend, Tim, making a road trip to the desert with Faith's Dad - who made a statement to them about finding 'liberation in the flatness'. It wasn't until years later, living in the flatness themselves, that Faith and Tim began to understand what her Dad meant by those words.

Landing in 29Palms as the result of her husbands Navy assignment, Faith took to the place much more quickly than she expected. It helped that they'd found an old, original adobe house to rent that they'd both fallen in love with and the desert seemed to wrap Faith up, allowing her to heal some wounds from her past. Tim then began to immerse himself in the hi-desert music scene and before she knew it, Faith was right there with him and they birthed, The Adobe Collective.

Even as a busy mom of two young children, Faith finds time to be involved in the community, whether helping other moms with their children or coordinating a postcard writing campaign for a local woman running for Congress. Faith talks a bit about home-schooling and provides a few local resources for parents who are finding themselves stressed and overwhelmed.