Tracy Bartlett | Episode 48

Tracy Bartlett is a long time resident of Joshua Tree - 30 years to be exact. Tracy started coming to the desert as part of her job doing Outdoor Education/Wilderness Therapy in the park. When she found herself sleeping in her VW Bus in the park or at friends houses, she knew it was time to just give in and make the move permanent.

Active politically, Tracy walked across the US in 1986 with anti-nuke peace marches as well as being an activist for ecology, women's issues and social justice. She also has a long personal and professional involvement with sexuality and sex education and created a card game, which grew out of some of those workshops, called Sex Question Cards, available online or locally at Grateful Desert in downtown Joshua Tree, helping people become more confident in their sexual lives.

In this episode, Tracy talks about her interest in menopause issues, which she found personally offered her an opportunity as "a serious housecleaning" on many levels. Out of this grew a workshop she has presented locally in Joshua Tree and has taken on the road this summer to present in the Pacific Northwest.

Being a long-time, seasoned resident, Tracy also offers some insight into what Joshua Tree was like 30 years ago and offers some insight and advice for newcomers about treating the desert and it's residents with care and respect.