Amy Angel | Episode 47

Amy's arrival to the desert, with four kids in tow, is a much different arrival from many of the women who have been on the podcast before her. But, Amy rolled up here sleeves, like many women who come here do. She created a business, Kid's Closet, re-selling children's clothing to support herself and her kids.

Shortly after starting the business, Amy had a health scare, causing her to leave the area. Staying with her mother, Amy began to see the value in a vegetarian diet, one she advocates to this day, offering resources like 'The China Study' as well as Dr. McDougal and Dr. Sebi. In this episode, she talks about how her kids felt about the nutritional switch.

While bed-ridden with cancer, Amy taught herself how to play the guitar. After mastering the instrument, she learned some songs and started going out to open mics. Amy produced a song (and video), "Killer".

Amy is an Desert Theatre League award-winning Costume Designer who lends her talents to the Hi-Desert Cultural Center, making many of the show costumes, particularly for the summer kids productions, by hand. You'll also catch Amy on stage now and then, fulfilling her dream of telling stories that matter.