Pat Rimmington | Episode 41

Pat and her family were looking for a weekend getaway from Los Angeles. A newspaper ad for an adobe home on 22 acres with a well and chickens put them on the road to 29Palms. Shortly after settling in, in the 1970's, the adobe house needed repairs. This took Pat to the local library for some information where she was referred to Ted Hayes, the first teacher and principal in 29 Palms. There began Pat's immersion into the repair of adobe and the history of 29 Palms.

In this episode, Pat talks about her first desert trips to Las Vegas and Palm Springs and about the formula for adobe. As Pat spent more time in the desert, enjoying the clear air and wide open spaces, she became a tour guide at Keys Ranch in Joshua Tree National Park and eventually transcribing some oral history that had been recorded and archived at the local library. From these experiences, Pat wrote her book, "The Adobes of Twentynine Palms". She and her husband, Sid, made their life in the desert permanent in 1988.

Pat shares that while listening to the accounts of the homesteaders, one thing that stood out was their pragmatism and humbleness - they didn't complain about how hard things were, how little they had or how far they had to go to get anything. They seemed to just accept life as it was and found enjoyment in what was; it seems Pat was cut from similar cloth.