Liz Meyer | Episode 40

A life-long resident of 29 Palms, the daughter of pioneers Bill and Ada Hatch, who homesteaded in 29 Palms in the early 1930's, one could say Liz and 29 Palms grew up together. In this episode, Liz talks about a little trick she used to go to school barefoot, shares memories of parades and square-dances and tells a great story about buying her college texts at the student bookstore.

Liz reflects on how her parents contributions, and the contributions of other homesteaders reflect the spirit of the desert - a place Liz feels allows people to return to their creativity and where you learn to treat your community like your family.

Leaving only to attend Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and to Venezuela for the Peace Corps, Liz and her late husband, Dave, decided after a trip to a mall in Long Beach, CA that 29 Palms would be the best place to raise their family.

We also talk about 29 Palms becoming it's own city, why it was important for the community to do so and her eventual roles in leading the city. Liz is currently the President of the Board of Trustees of Copper Mountain College and discusses the importance of education, instilled in her by her mother, which led to Liz's 30- year teaching career at 29 Palms High School and involvement with the college.

As a long time resident, Liz has experienced many changes in 29 Palms - we cover a lot of ground in this conversation - it was a lot of fun.