Lizzie Schmelling | Episode 37

'Dem eyes ~ they almost got Lizzie and her sister into acting a whole lot sooner than she may have wished. And she comes by it honestly... her grandfather was a double for a very well-known actor. Now, Lizzie is gracing the stages in the Hi- and Low Desert and beginning to make her way to Los Angeles for auditions.

Born and raised in Joshua Tree, growing up she loved that she lived in a 'village'. School field trips were hiking and learning in the national park. Lizzie entered Joshua Tree's Copper Mountain College with the idea of being a nurse, but after taking most of her general education courses and recognizing biology was not necessarily her forte', she took a different path, majoring in history. Lizzie loves museums and has visited many, including our local Hi-Desert Nature Museum in Yucca Valley and The Old Schoolhouse Museum in 29Palms. A recent visit to the Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage made an impression on her. She says she not only appreciates the physicality of the artifacts but believes they each carry the energy of their time and place in history. In this episode she speaks of spending hours in antique stores, how, in their own way, they are like museums and tells of a recent find that left her imagining all kinds of scenarios about the original owner.

When asked if a move to LA is in her future, Lizzie believes it's possible, depending on the direction of her acting career. She admits to a sense of homesickness, but recognizes this place she's called home for so long will always be here for her to come back to.

Copper Mountain College

Hi-Desert Nature Museum

Old Schoolhouse Museum

Tolerance Education Center