Dana Bowden | Episode 36

Dana was born & raised in Twentynine Palms, met and married her husband here and has made a life for her and her family in this desert town. In this episode, Dana reminisces about running through rain floods and the desert in general in her bare feet, much to the chagrin of her mom, Marilyn, whose episode aired last week. Dana is involved in her community, preserving the history of the town volunteering at The Old Schoolhouse Museum and having served on board of the Twentynine Palms Historical Society.

With her kids grown and gone, Dana and her husband hosted exchange students, making life-long bonds with them, traveling to visit them and attend some of their weddings. She tells the story of one young man who, while initially not keen on the California 'desert' experience, came to enjoy his time here, particularly after watching some of the Bowden family pull the car over during a rainstorm, then proceed to get out of the car and get into the rain.

The entrepreneurial spirit doesn't fall far from the tree - Dana, like her mom, had her own business - a framing business in Twentynine Palms for 19 years. She has a passion for mosaic and spends most of her spare time creating them in her studio, sometimes inviting friends to join. Speaking about this place in the desert, Dana says, "You can't really name it...it's just a feeling."

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