Marilyn Fernald | Episode 35

Marilyn came to the Mojave in 1948 at the age of 14. Her younger sister had some health issues that doctors thought would be helped by the clean, dry desert air - Marilyn thought her parents had brought her to the end of the world. Settling at Smith's Ranch trailer park, Marilyn's father was the Caller for the weekly square dances at Smith's Gymnasium.

After completing school, Marilyn married, raised three children and went into the workforce, informing her husband, "I want my own social security." Marilyn exemplifies the 'you just get it done' desert spirit. From construction tools to jeweler tools, food service and sporting goods, adobe rehabbing and oil painting, Marilyn has had a very full and varied life here in the desert. She left once for a short period of time - and came right back to this place she calls home.

In this interview she also reveals why she feels women grew the Morongo Basin and why "women rule".

Smith's Ranch Drive In

Smith's Ranch History