Barbara Harris | Episode 31

Born in Pennsylvania, Barbara came west to California after graduating from art school and met a man, who she eventually married, who brought her to the desert for the first time. Since then, Barbara became fascinated with this place and two places in particular: Giant Rock and the Integratron.

In this episode, from her 30 years of research, Barbara shares information about local legends and the spirituality of this particular area of the desert. We also talk about the 'myth' many visitors to the desert seem to have these days of the desert being a wide open, wild, wild west where anything goes - we assure you - that is not the case. Though this area does still carry the spirit of freedom and ingenuity in the face of necessity, it is very much a community where people live and should be treated that way.

In the photos above, Barbara is on the right - on the left, is me, standing in front of Giant Rock - Barbara tells us about seeing the rock 'whole' and her experience there with the rock after that large piece broke off in February 2000.

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