Jasmine Shaffer | Episode 30

Jasmine is a desert native - born in Indio and raised in Wonder Valley. With neighbors far apart, Jasmine grew up playing in the desert with her sisters, finding abandoned homesteads and playing hopscotch on their concrete pads. With a high school graduating class of just over 100, Jasmine credits social media with her ability to track down or stay in touch with some of her fellow classmates who floated in and out of the school due to a parent in the military. In this episode, Jasmine talks about the many changes she has seen growing up here, from a growth in population, to road improvements and retail offerings. Jasmine says there were times growing up when she wished she lived in an area with more 'fun', but looks back now, grateful her parents chose to make their family home in Wonder Valley, instead of Orange County. An admittedly shy kid, Jasmine speaks about following her sister into community theater and how she feels it has changed her. Jasmine is active in theaters in the Hi-Desert and 'down the hill', in Palm Springs.

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