Jenny Qaqundah | Episode 28

Jenny Q ~ Mom, Herbalist, RN, Business Owner, Author

Jenny is a walking miracle... with the help of prostheses. Jenny became extremely ill in early 2014, which resulted in losing parts of her legs and use of one of her hands. Jenny truly believes it was her community that kept her alive.

Jenny began writing about her experience during her recovery and those reflections are now a book, "Held Together", filled with poems, prose and essays about a village coming together, suffering together, celebrating together, and falling in love together. You see, the book is not just Jenny's writing, but that of her community, as she's asked them to contribute their perspectives of this experience as well.

In this episode, Jenny talks about falling asleep on the first trip to the desert and going from the 'green' of northern California, to what appeared to be 'the moon' and wondering who would possibly live here and what they would do with their time.

Prior to her near-death experience, Jenny came to live in the desert in 2000, on the condition it would be for one year. The partner she arrived with has long since left, but Jenny remained with her daughter and opened a storefront for her herbals and tinctures called Grateful Desert, where you can find everything from handmade soaps, to chocolates, to locally poured candles.

Jenny has left and come back, in many ways, and is ever grateful to be back among the community that kept her and her family held together.

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