Lindsey Andersen | Episode 26

Lindsey Anderson ~ Wonder Valley Domes, photo by Sabina McGrew

After a class at CalEarth learning earth bag construction in the hopes of using it to build a home of her own someday, Lindsey was talking to a friend who had land in the Mojave she was looking to sell. Lindsey bought the land and established Wonder Valley Domes. The goal of Lindsey's project is not only to build her own affordable superadobe home, but to build free art studios out of sand bags and earth. In this episode, she talks about acquiring her living quarters, Winnie the Winnebago and how a dating app turned out to be a tool for recruiting volunteers to help dig, refine and sculpt the domes. Lindsey talks about the logistics of living in a place with no running water or electricity and the ingenuity that comes from the lack of these modern conveniences. See a video about Lindsey and the domes here.

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