Evelyn Haggard | Episode 25

Evelyn Haggard, Retired Marriage & Family Counselor, Writer & Lover of Music

We start with an amazing story of a random Memorial Day car ride that ultimately brought Evelyn and her family to the desert. Evelyn is a retired Marriage and Family Counselor who along with her husband, Frank, now spends her days enjoying quiet desert mornings watching the birds in the backyard.

After retiring, Evelyn spent some time taking writing classes at Copper Mountain College and had some of her writing published in HOWL, the college's annual publication. In this episode, Evelyn shares one of her wonderful desert poems with us - don't miss it!

A seeker with an interest in meditation since the 1960's, Evelyn was a Reverend with The Institute of Mentalphysics, now the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. The Haggards continue to teach mediation at their Center for the Open Rose and Evelyn shares the inspiration for the name.

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