Megan Hutch | Episode 11

Megan Hutch, Musician and Proprietress of The Pointed Pearl

Megan moved to the desert, sight unseen, on the advice of some really special people in her life. In her three plus years here, after a stretch of time on the road, she has found her voice, literally, stepping into being a wonderful singer/songwriter. Her dark, folk style ballads and her unique voice leave her audiences in a space of reflecting on their own lives. Her next EP, 'Alchemy' will be released in November 2017 and she shares a piece of one of it's songs in this episode. Megan talks about the difficulty and overwhelm of choosing ones life path, the transformative power of spending time alone with one's thoughts and embracing the experience of failure.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Book recommendations:

A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and Roll, Redemption and the Life of Leonard Cohen by Liel Leibovitz

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening - by Joseph Goldstein

Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction - by Noah Levine