Pamela Goodchild | Episode 10

Pamela is a singer and musician, who has her own accounting business, which made it a fairly easy decision to move to the desert. Particularly after her landlord in LA notified her there was a $700 rent increase coming her way. After realizing it sometimes takes two hours just to travel in LA traffic in attempts to get together with friends once every two weeks and the cost of living, Pamela realized moving two hours away, to the desert, might be a viable option. In this episode, Pamela talk about her adventure in real estate, the frustration of finding a place she loved with sellers who continued to rebuff her offer, then letting go and finding the place she has today. The musical and artistic community plays a large role in Pamela's social life here and she'll reveal how she checked an item off her bucket list that she didn't even imagine would be on that list.

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