Podcasting- not for sissies

Dude ~ this is a lot of work, but I feel like the Universe is working with me. There have really not been any serious roadblocks or hiccups to getting this thing going - that makes me feel like I'm moving in the right direction. So, to evidence (and frankly CELEBRATE!) all my work, since the last post - here's what's done:

- created facebook and instagram accounts and this website (need to figure out how to link in the blog! for now, use the icons in the upper right corner of the home page - thank you!)

- set up a google phone number to take your questions, comments & compliments :-)

- set up an email address: desertladydiaries@gmail.com

- set up a you tube channel - ya gotta get this stuff for other people start grabbin' it - it's crazy!

- set up an email newsletter on Mailchimp to alert you to newly released episodes

- developed my interview inquiry, guest 'homework' and interview confirmation templates

- booked THREE INTERVIEWS for the week of July 24, 2017!!

- muddled through designing the all important iTunes (i kid you not) podcast art using Canva - voila:

wow - that's bigger than I thought! this is the podcast cover art

- created a list of guests to reach out to

- created and refined (several times) a list of questions for the interviews

- printed questions from my niece, Emily, who has patiently waited far too long for the answers - and put them in a jar for guests to select

- investigated and invested in an account at Libsyn, where the podcast audio files will be housed to get them to all the podcasting apps

- wrote and recorded the show Intro & Outro

- started communication with the Joshua Tree Telegraph, a local paper about their interest in the podcast

- taken & posted a number of photos to instagram and facebook

- set up a sound cloud account and recorded a placeholder audio file so I have a place to put the podcasts and so you can retrieve them from this website

And twice watched a video about how to upload the audio files to Libsyn's platform to ensure it goes live on all the podcast apps I want. Not to mention perusing three informative, albeit outdated, library books on podcasting. And still, need to figure out how to make the font for this blog larger and better! But really, it's a blast and I'm so excited to set up this framework, so I can focus on interviewing some really fabulous women and bring you their stories. See ya soon!