March 26, 2019

Pam Anders first experience with desert was after a drive from Oregon. Pam's first husband suffered with asthma and his mother, who was living in Twentynine Palms suggested they move down to improve his health. Arriving in the dark, they were a bit off course. With no signs or lights, they pulled to the side of the road and Pam got out of the Volkswagen to take a look around. She looked up and almost fell... the star-filled sky was like nothing she'd ever experienced. And the silence was nothing like she'd ever heard.

After a few years they went back to Oregon. In this episode, Pam says the pull of the desert was so strong, she had to return, this time on her own, taking a number of jobs simultaneously to support herself. She wor...

July 23, 2018

In this episode, Catherine tells us it was only until after moving to the desert that she remembered traveling through the desert as a small child on family trips. In later years, she would visit alone, with her backpack, taking respite from the demands of life in LA. On one such trip, just before her 40th birthday, Catherine made the decision to move permanently.

Dr. Catherine Svehla is the hi-desert's "local mythologist". She is a cultural mythologist, storyteller, artist, activist and creates story-based programs to share the transformative power of myth.  Catherine is also the host of  'Myth in the Mojave', a storytelling podcast with listeners around the world. She founded and led the Hi-Desert Mythological Roundtable f...

June 6, 2018

A native New Yorker, Ivy Pochoda has discovered the pull of the desert. After moving to LA, she'd heard folks talk about going to the desert.  Eventually she took a trip to Palm Springs and, though nice, wasn't really the experience she was looking for. The second trip she booked a vacation rental 'near Joshua Tree National Park'. After driving for sometime past two entrances to the National Park, Ivy realized the definition of the word 'near'  had different meanings to her and the vacation rental owner. Turns out, the reward for all that driving was staying in what's known as The Tile House in Wonder Valley.

Growing up in NY, Ivy started playing squash, found she was very good at it and ended up traveling the world to play....

March 27, 2018

Gayle Austin, Tattoo Artist, Business Owner (photo credit Jenna Hunt) ~ Young Gayle in the desert.

Gayle's family moved to the desert when she was four years old and they got a bit of a chilly reception... it snowed!  In this episode, Gayle reminisces about exploring in the desert and a few of the festivals and events for which people traveled for miles to attend.  Even after two moves away from the desert, Gayle says she always knew she was coming back. She and her husband, Tom, were married in her parents front yard in 29Palms (old timers and the California DOT spell it: Twentynine Palms) and they now own 'Ink and Steel' their tattooing and piercing business in Joshua Tree. Gayle is involved in the Joshua Tree community servin...

January 16, 2018

Hilary Sloane Photographer, Writer

Hilary heads back to Tanzania Africa next week for three months, so I was thrilled she made the time to be on the podcast.  In this episode, Hilary discusses the life-change she experienced, bringing her to the desert permanently in 2009. With a 35-year career as a producer and stylist for print, film and commercials in the rear view, Hilary is now creating in a different way after using her first year in Joshua Tree to learn German and take photography classes online. Her photography is in galleries in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles and her writing has been in the local Hi-Desert Star, Luna Arcana and Palm Springs Life. Hilary's trips to Africa are with an organization called Raleigh Internationa...

November 7, 2017

 Kate by Anja Ulfeldt

Originally from New Jersey, Kate visited the desert 22 years ago. On the next visit, she arrived in the dark and what she woke up to the next morning convinced her to stay. In this episode, Kate talks about the influence the Wonder Valley area has on her work as a Sound Artist, the process of purchasing land in a tax sale auction and keeping track of the days of the week by when the local watering hole is open. Inspired sonically by the spaces she is in for the work that she makes. She has found the silence and desolation has transformed her life.

Mentioned in this episode:

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San Francisco Art Institute

Mills Sound Art Experimental Music Program

The Palms

August 22, 2017

This woman is a dynamo - on stage and off. An amazing singer, songwriter, artist, chef and marketing machine, she has a dream and is making it come true. She and her partner, Emvy Venti, are Bellstarr and can they can be seen playing out at many venues in the desert and Los Angeles. At this writing, Bellstarr is making their debut album 'chapter 1 Crash" and if you're in the Hi-Desert on September 22, 2017, join them and Dana Larson at Astronomy Theatre for the Arts in Joshua Tree for their debut album release party: "Equinox Alien Invasion" - click here to get your tickets and listen to Aydra's interview here.

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