January 16, 2018

Hilary Sloane Photographer, Writer

Hilary heads back to Tanzania Africa next week for three months, so I was thrilled she made the time to be on the podcast.  In this episode, Hilary discusses the life-change she experienced, bringing her to the desert permanently in 2009. With a 35-year career as a producer and stylist for print, film and commercials in the rear view, Hilary is now creating in a different way after using her first year in Joshua Tree to learn German and take photography classes online. Her photography is in galleries in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles and her writing has been in the local Hi-Desert Star, Luna Arcana and Palm Springs Life. Hilary's trips to Africa are with an organization called Raleigh Internationa...

November 7, 2017

 Kate by Anja Ulfeldt

Originally from New Jersey, Kate visited the desert 22 years ago. On the next visit, she arrived in the dark and what she woke up to the next morning convinced her to stay. In this episode, Kate talks about the influence the Wonder Valley area has on her work as a Sound Artist, the process of purchasing land in a tax sale auction and keeping track of the days of the week by when the local watering hole is open. Inspired sonically by the spaces she is in for the work that she makes. She has found the silence and desolation has transformed her life.

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August 8, 2017

 Miri Hunter came to the desert to relax and unwind for a few months...she ended up staying and fronting her band, Hunter and the Wick'd. In this episode, Miri talks about  finding her community, her 'marriage', and how the expansiveness of the desert allows freedom and time for creative expression of all kinds. Find more about Miri at

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Handmaids Tale

August 1, 2017

 From the age of three, Sarah knew she wanted to cook for people, announcing to her parents, "I wanna make peoples lunches when I grow up." Sarah moved to the desert after the loss of her mother, found community and a job a local restaurant La Copine Kitchen and did just that. In this episode, Sarah talks about cooking projects 'Bring' and 'High Desert Test Kitchen' as well as her 'Plant a Day' project and the importance of maintaining relationships with the people in your life. You can find more about Sarah at .

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